Posted by: immanuelryan | May 3, 2009

Footing It

Running the raceToday, I went for a run around the track at ASU. I love running when I get around to it. Last summer I ran every morning at 6:00 a.m. and I felt great all summer. When school begins, with its accompanying deadlines, the time crunch can become overwhelming and the precious moments that should be spent enjoying a good run can easily be commandeered by tyrannical homework assignments. Now that summer is on the horizon, I look forward to spending more time experiencing the joy of running. I was wondering today at what point in our history running became a human past time rather than a necessity for catching food or delivering an urgent message. Children run for pleasure from the time they can move their legs fast enough to participate in a game of tag. Think about the basic rhythm of music. Where did we get 4/4 time from? When I run I breath in and out with my steps: “Breathe in 1, 2” “Breathe out 3, 4” “In 1, 2” “Out 3, 4” “1, 2, 3, 4” “1, 2, 3, 4”. To run is to feel the natural rhythm of our existence. Get out and run today and feel the beat!



  1. I was just thinking the very same thought just yesterday as I was spending a little time doing some lite weeding; when we would get out and do some “footing it” jogging as you put it. A little physical activity certainly helps the body, soul, and mind.

    Nice blot!


  2. i think you need to explain to me the “joy” of running, because honestly, i’ve hated it EVERY time.

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