Posted by: immanuelryan | May 4, 2009

13 Healthy Habits

Healthy and Happy

Healthy and Happy

I came across an interesting article posted on today. It’s titled 13 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Life and I thought I’d share the points here. I hope to put some of the ones I’m not doing yet into action.

1. Eat breakfast everyday: The American Heart Association says people who regularly eat breakfast are less likely to be obese and develop diabetes.

2. Eat fish at least twice per week: Fish contains Omega-3 acids which  reduces the risk of heart disease. Mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon are all rich in Omega-3 acids.

3. Get 7-10 hours of sleep per night: This is a no-brainer.

4. Make social connections: Friends can provide life information we wouldn’t otherwise attain on our own and they can provide emotional support in times of trouble.

5. Exercise daily: Exercise helps control weight, maintain healthy bones and joints, provide physical energy and a sense of psychological well-being, and reduces risk of heart disease.

6. Floss once-a-day, brush twice-a-day: The bacteria that cause dental plaque can enter the blood stream through vessels in the teeth and cause plaque build up in the blood vessels. Plus, having a healthy smile makes you feel good about yourself.

7. Take up a hobby for pleasure: People who had a hobby  before an operation showed better recoveries six-months afterwards.

8. Avoid too much sun exposure: Wear a minimum of SPF 15 when in the sun and avoid deliberate sunbathing.

9. Snack on fruits and vegetables: Chopped up carrots, low-fat yogurt and nuts make healthier snack options than potato chips and candy bars.Healthy apple

10. Drink alot of water and eat dairy: Water has a host of important health benefits such as keeping most vital organs running smoothly. Dairy  strengthens teeth and bones and prevents kidney stones and high blood pressure.

11. Drink decaffeinated iced tea: Mom, this one’s for you. Iced tea can improve memory and it makes a cool and delicious beverage choice.

12. Take a daily walk: Walking prevents premature death and allows time for life reflection.

13. Plan: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen by accident. “A minute planning saves an hour of execution”. Plan your exercise time and prepare healthy menus and shopping lists for eating right.



  1. Thank you I am on my way to get decaffinated tea.

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